HISTAMINE Stool – Urine and Whole Blood

with our various tests in the field of histamine determinations, the FROST Diagnostika GmbH sets new standards in the diagnosis of histamine intolerance. Through continuous development and improvement of our tests, our focus is not only on the diagnostic statement, but also on the practical and easy application in the laboratory routine. We have expanded the FD histamine stool test in the scope. The new name for the FD histamine stool EIA is FD HIS SUB ELISA. The index SUB stands for blood, urine and stool. With the help of this test, the histamine determination can be carried out in three different sample matrices.

The new HIS SUB ELISA (Art. No: FD E-3000) replaces and combines the following tests:
· histamine stool EIA (Art. No: FDL-BA-10-1200-ST)
· Histamine ELISA Fast Track (Art. No: FDL-BA-E-1700)
and extends this still for the use of the sample matrix urine.

This combination simplifies laboratory use while extending the range of analysis. At the processing nothing has changed.

Product Code: FDE-3000frost-diagnostics

Packaging: 96 test

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Data Sheet: Histamine Stool – Urine – Whole Blood

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