Strepacol™ is a rapid color enhanced slide test for the qualitative detection and quantitative determination of antibodies to Streptococcal Extracellular Antigens in serum, plasma, and peripheral blood. The Strepacol Reagent consists of a color enhanced standardized suspension of aldehyde-fixed sheep cells sensitized with Group A Streptococcus extracellular anti¬gens such as streptolysin, streptokinase, hyaluronidase, DNase, NADase which will react with antibodies to these antigens to give a positive agglutination reaction. The added coloration facilitates the recognition of positive and negative reactions.

CLIA Moderately Complex.
Strepacol is a rapid color enhanced slide test.

Strepacol Reagent

  • Standardized Sheep Cells Sensitized with Group A Strepto¬coccus Extracellular Antigens.
  • Positive Control: Human Serum.
  • Negative Control: Human Serum.
  • For professional use only.


Packaging: 50 test

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Data Sheet: Strepacol ENG.